Updates once in a blue moon.


The Comic

A strange creature suddenly shows up in the bedroom of a 16-year-old boy called Owen, who is apparently the only person capable of seeing it. Owen asks for the help of his best friend Ryan in trying to find out what the thing is, and a way to get rid of it – if there is any way at all.

Empty Hallways is based on a novella of the same title that I have written mostly during the month of August, 2013. It was originally written in my native language, Portuguese, and published daily on my old (now non-existent) blog during its writing. After a really nice person I met on the internet helped me revising the novella, I self-published it and started working on turning it into a comic, which was the original plan for that story since I came up with the idea back in 2010 or so.

The Author

Real name’s Caio Ranieri, and I live in Brazil. I’m currently in college studying translation, and attempting to become a full-time writer.  I managed to publish a couple of short stories, and self-published the Empty Hallways novella mentioned above plus another short story. None of which worked out very well so far. If being a writer doesn’t work out, my main plan is to become a translator. There is not much more to know about me.

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